Losing or voluntarily giving up your permanent resident status in Canada

After you get the Permanent Residency canada, you will not lose your status when the permanent resident card expires. The only time to lose your status is if you decide to go through the official way.

It is possible to lose your permanent residency in Canada status if:
• An adjudicator can determine after a PRTD appeal or an inquiry that you don’t qualify to be a permanent resident.
• Voluntarily, you decide to denounce your permanent resident status
• There is a removal order that is made against you, and it automatically comes into force
• You graduate to becoming a Canadian citizen

Renouncing your permanent residency in Canada
When it comes to losing your permanent resident status, it doesn’t happen automatically. You might realize that you don’t need permanent residency in Canada. It will mean that you apply for the voluntarily give up. It could be due to some of the following reasons:
• You might not have met your residency obligations, and you have been outside Canada for a very long time. and
• You want to revisit Canada yet
• You don’t want the embassy to do a formal background check on your permanent resident status.
• You don’t want to experience delays at your point of entry.
You might not be allowed to enter Canada until you have your permanent residency resolved. It could be through having to receive permanent resident travel documents to enable you to travel or just giving up your permanent resident status voluntarily. It is a choice you have to make, but before you do that, you have to think through thoroughly.