The InterestingGame Of Dominoqq

A very popular game nowadays, Dominoqq is the interest of almost every other card lover you come across. For those who are not aware of the basics of this game and where was it originated, we are here to help you out figuring out the same.
Dominoqq originated in the sixteenth century by the Germans who began playing the bluffing game known as ‘Pochen’. Later, it came to be known as ‘Poque’ in the French version and began to be played on riverboats in New Orleans.

How is it played?
A pack of 52 cards is generally used in Dominoqq. However, these days, to speed things up, two packs of contrasting colors are used. One pack is dealt with and the other is shuffled to be prepared for the next deal. The procedure followed is such that when a deal is in progress, cards from the pack which was dealt with are assembled by the previous dealer, shuffled, and then placed to the left. This shuffled deck is then passed on to the next dealer when it is time for the next deal.

Highest scoring combinations:
A Dominoqq hand generally comprises 5 cards and the opponent with the best combination is likely to win
• Five of a kind- For this combination, at least one wild card is required which can be a joker, two one-eyed jacks, or the four deuces.
• Straight flush- The standard pack with no wild cards is needed for this combination. For a straight flush, five cards belonging to the same suit in the sequence are needed.
• Four of a kind- Ranking just below the straight flush, an example of this combination can be four aces. The fifth card, whatever it may be, does not matter.

There is a common misconception regarding Dominoqq that it is solely based on luck. Though luck plays a major role in winning, it is not sufficient. With luck, a lot of skill is needed and there are a lot of other tricks involved as well.